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attach a file to email

Last Updated: May 01, 2010  |  7 Views

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This is a fairly easy process. Save your file, and give it a title that we have meaning to the profesor: HIST1010_ResearchPaper_LastName Then, open your email account and select "new" or "compose" (this term may vary by email service, but in general, you want to start a new message). Then, somewhere near the top of the new email box there should be an icon that looks like a paperclip. This image varies from service to service but it usually a paperclip. Click the paper clip, then follow the directions for choosing a file. Select the file, and then be sure to click attach, now you should be taken back the actual email box. I like to put the class and my last name as the subject line so that the professor knows who sent it and why right away: To: Professor So and So From: Subject: HIST1510 - Research Paper - Smith, John In the body (text area) type something like: Dear Prof. So and So, What an amazing class! Thank you so much! Attached please find my final research paper. Please advise if you have any trouble opening the file. Again, this was a GREAT semester, thank you for you unbelievable dedication! Sincerely, Student Lastname

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